Our Mission

TRU Living is a dedicated property management company that goes above and beyond for working professionals. Believing in comprehensive, personal management, TRU Living focuses on the development of its staff to ensure sustainable and superior service to all of its residents.

You can count on the security of having all TRU resources available to you every hour of the day. There are many options for housing, but there’s only one TRU Living.

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What is TRU Living?

In November 2015, Granite began managing more properties that didn’t necessarily identify as student housing. Those initial assets were well maintained, full of historic character, and drew a certain caliber of individuals that didn’t want to be associated with the typical undergrad ethos. After putting together a concept and assigning a new team with vision, TRU Living was born.

Specializing in the downtown Lafayette space, TRU started with 3 properties and has grown to reach new markets and hundreds of beds. TRU has evolved from an experiment to see if Granite could accommodate the non-student market, into a viable sub-sector. A focus on specialized customer service is a main component sustaining TRU as the optimal alternative for management of this market segment.

The typical resident of TRU Living is an urban professional, university affiliate, or empty-nester seeking a living arrangement near the eclectic Lafayette core atmosphere.

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